Even if you do not understand words, if you hear the tears falling in your heart,

Please return the small smile without turning your face.

I would like to increase the number of hands we can connect for their tomorrow.

Connecting Japan and Sri Lanka─NPO Nippon Ceylon Line

The NPO Nippon Ceylon Line promotes exchanges between the Democratic Social Republic of Surinka and Japan and promotes mutual understanding and cooperates with other private organizations, administrative agencies, international organizations, companies and economic organizations We aim to contribute to the realization of rich Sri Lankan civil society such as respect for human rights, eradication of poverty, conservation of the environment.

Recent NPO activities

The staff stayed in December 2017 for about a month, and in the eastern province of Sri Lanka we gifted home goods and stationery to about 120 poor children in orphans and communities. The staff loaded the day bags brought in from Japan and the stationery purchased at Colombo onto the truck and handed them directly to each of the children. The picture is about 50 people living in the village children and temples gathered at the temple at the invitation of the priest in December 27 in the province of Ampara, eastern province.


From 2015, we donate stationery and books for children and wheelchairs for hospitals and medical care facilities

Please divide your good intentions into children and people in Sri Lanka.

On the Nippon Ceylon Line, we accept your kindness in the form below.

Please cooperate in improving medical care and education of people in Sri Lanka.